To take care of a lawn properly it is essential to remove the falling leaves and clean the surface well before starting to cut. With this task we will be preventing the grass from rotting and the grass plants dying.

Another trick for the lawn to survive the winter is not to cut the grass too much so as not to weaken it and not to protect its roots from the low temperatures, since moss and weeds may become more resistant to cold.

One of the worst enemies for the lawn is mushrooms. To avoid them we will have to cut when a time has passed after the dew, since the humidity and the accumulation of remains propitiate its growth. For this reason it is convenient to do it when the lawn is already dry.

- Between one cut and another, a prudential period of time must pass, since in winter the grass grows more slowly.

- Keep in mind that if you have different species, each one will respond in a different way to the cold and this, together with the unequal assimilation of nutrients, can cause spots to appear.

- The lawn almost does not need to water it since with the humidity of the morning and the rain or snow of the winter it will be sufficient. In the event that it does not rain, it will only be necessary to water it once a week.

It is optional, the majority of clients make the payment of the services at the moment or after the activities of the services are carried out or

Normally it is done in just one day, we have a professional team that works to finish the work on the same day.

Depending on the size of the property and the tasks that must be done, so we estimate our prices.

No, our company provides all the equipment and tools to carry out the activities of each project.

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