Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important

Gutters serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape.

The weather changes and the falling leaves pile up. They remain in the gutters as the days turn colder and winter sets in. The gutters freeze over and then, with spring thaw, melt

As the gutters direct water away from the home’s foundation, they send it to part of the yard or area around your house that can absorb it. However, when the gutters are broken or overflowing, the water drips down, eventually creating cracks and making it’s way into the basement. This can lead to mold and rot indoors, and it can chip away at the foundation.

To avoid pests, rot and foundation issues caused by poorly kept gutters, clean them out at least once a month. Don’t just make sure the debris is out, but check for mold and make sure they run clean. If it’s difficult, hire a professional, hire Lito's Lawn Services.

Avoid risks,

 Hire our services and we will keep your gutters clean and free of pests.

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The cleaning of gutters is one of our specialties, we have the equipment and professional personnel.