Snow removalĀ 

For many people, removing snow from roads, sidewalks and driveways is an ongoing battle in the winter. Snow and ice can damage your lawn, but so can the products used to remove them. The most common - and generally the least expensive - chemical used for removing snow is sodium chloride (rock salt).

To prevent turf damage, it's best to rely on non-chemical methods of removing snow. Keep in mind that the longer you allow snow to sit, the more difficult it will become to clear.

If your soil becomes concentrated with salt during the winter, spring rains may be enough to flush it out.Otherwise, you may need to irrigate your lawn with clean, sodium-free water. Before you irrigate, be sure that your lawn drains properly. Water-logging your soil can be as harmful to your turf as a high concentration of salt. Core aeration will improve your lawn drainage and soil fertility.


Lito's Lawn Services has the adequate resources to remove snow from stairs, parking lots and large spaces.


Small spaces in houses. In addition to having equipment to remove snow from roads, we have the right tools and personnel to do the residential work.