Using the best tools and techniques to remove the grass, we guarantee that the green areas of your property look beautiful and clean.

We know that green areas are part of the beauty of your property, so we specialize in the care of the grass in both large and small spaces.
It is our duty to take care of the grass in the different seasons of the year, so we invite you to trust in Litos Law Services to maintain your green areas in excellent conditions.

It is important to remove with a rake dry and wet leaves that are beginning to decompose on the lawn. The presence of low temperatures and ice can turn the leaves not only a perfect aid for the grass to rot but also in an ideal source for one of the big enemies of the lawn: the mushrooms.

In the cold season, it is best to mow as little as possible and, when we do, maintain a high cut of the grass.

To give more beauty and better condition to the soil of our garden. To show off a beautiful and proper lawn, you must first control the soil moisture, do proper irrigation, and give the lawn a dedicated maintenance.

With the lawn well hydrated, but dry - without too much moisture in the earth - you must cut it. Use suitable tools, with blades of good edge or with well-maintained tanks. Thus, the cut will be precise and the plant will suffer much less. Make sure to mow the lawn at a time when it is not too hot, you will avoid unnecessary sunstroke.

To improve the lawn we must also oxygenate it. With metal pins, make holes in the earth. This will allow to aerate the soil and oxygenate the roots in a natural way, facilitating also the later irrigation.

 During the cut, we must also eliminate weeds, in previous post we explained the procedure to follow. Take advantage of the hours of the day when you squeeze less heat to water, so we will lower the stress of the plants. Use fertilizers to enhance the effect.

The grass should be cut according to its growth.

 It is essential to mow the lawn as needed. In the spring this can be translated more than once a week. It is not recommended to mow the lawn when it is wet.


Modern machines that not only cut the grass but also finely chop contribute to the recycling of nutrients since the fine chopped grass decomposes faster. Lito's Lawn services, has the necessary machines to cut the grass, according to the conditions and needs that are required.