Why Leaf cleanup

Proper leaf cleanup will give your grass enough room to breathe and help it come back healthier in the spring. Remove thick layers of leaves - especially those that are heavy and matted from rainfall - before they damage your lawn.

Using a leaf blower is one of the quickest ways to clear your yard. For simpler leaf removal, use a blower with a vacuum feature that will collect and bag the debris for you.

Instead of bagging and disposing of the mulched leaves, you can leave them on your grass. In addition to saving you the work of leaf removal, keeping the mulched leaves on your lawn will allow your grass and soil to absorb nutrients and organic matter. This fortification will help your lawn survive the winter months and improve its appearance in the spring.


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Why Get Leaf Removal Services

According to recent findings in horticulture, leaving the grass clippings on the lawn is considered beneficial – they make an organic supplemental source of nourishment for the soil